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Diamond – the Game

'Diamond the Game - Print and Play' is a board game for 2-5 players and takes 20-30 minutes. You and your family and friends take the role of researchers at the Diamond Light Source, where a huge scientific machine, called a synchrotron, helps scientists make scientific discoveries.

Skill Level:

There are two versions of Diamond the Game Print and Play, which are both for 2-5 players and last between 20-30 minutes:

  • The 10+ version is the full version of the game, covering all sorts of science at Diamond, including work on historical artefacts, infectious diseases and how life could exist on other planets!
  • The 5+ version is a more compact and simplified version of the game, with relevant content for 5 year olds.

The game takes only a short time to play, and even less time to learn.


Rainbow Mechanic

Place the mirrors in the right place to reflect the light from the sun through the maze and onto the prism!

Go with the flow

Using salt, heat and walls can you create a current that will get the submarine to the treasure chest key underwater?

Energy Flows

Work out the sequence of objects needed to turn sunlight into music, wind into hot air and more.