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We created Wow Science to help children discover and enjoy
learning. The resources are carefully selected and tested to
make sure your child can enjoy the best science resources
available on the website.

We work with the Primary Science Teaching Trust to ensure
that the content is accurate and useful to learning.

Are they safe?

All the links to resources on the site have been tested to make
sure your child can enjoy learning safely.

Wow Science is not responsible for the other content on external
Internet sites.

Can I submit a resource?

Of course!

If you would like us to consider a resource for the site, please
contact us by emailing

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We want your suggestions.

While browsing the web have you found a primary science resource that you think should be featured on this site? Or maybe you have made a resource that you think is truly excellent?

Is it…

  • Child friendly?
    • The resource is suitable for primary level children and don’t contain anything inappropriate.
  • Scientifically accurate?
    • The resource contains relevant factual information on the primary science topics.
  • Well explained?
    • The resource is aimed at improving the understanding of science and do so in a clear and concise manner.
  • User friendly?
    • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Bug free?
    • The resource has no technical issues- it doesn’t take years to load, freeze or have annoying bugs.

If the answer to all of these questions is yes,  please submit the resource for us to consider using the form below.

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