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Explore energy generation with KB2 and REG

KB2 is a robot that is powered by the Keadby2 gas turbine. She loves talking about energy generation! REG (Renewable Energy Generation) is KB2’s best friend. REG loves the wind and the sun because that’s where he gets a lot of his energy. Help these robots select the clothes that the power station team need to protect themselves in their jobs and learn about energy production in the process.

Skill Level:

Associated activity sheets, designed for Key Stage 2, will take children through various forms of energy generation and explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy generation.


Marbleous Marvel Coaster

Sally and nick are going on the Marbleous Marvel Coaster! Add to the ride design, or build your own from scratch and see how fun you can make it!

Build a skeleton

Race against the clock to complete a human skeleton.

Galactic Explorer

Can you safely fly this rocket through space without being swallowed up by the black hole?